Women Hair Transplant


Nowadays, most people face problems such as hair loss and baldness. Most of the time, this situation occurs without distinction between age and gender and can be disturbing. In general, the reasons for this situation include excessive weight gain, genetic effects, metabolic changes in women after pregnancy and breastfeeding, side effects caused by drug use. When such situations occur, the method applied by everyone is hair transplantation. With the advancement and development of technology, the health sector has also improved itself and has created the most effective methods against hair loss.

Hair transplantation is performed especially in women who complain about hair loss. Hair loss, which can be seen in men, is a topic that women are more concerned about. Because women give more importance to aesthetic appearance. In the past, medication or herbal treatments to try to remove hair was tried. Nowadays it is possible to reach the impressive hair in a short time by the applied hair transplantation method. Different paths can be observed in hair transplantation procedures. These routes vary according to the herself and the manner of hair loss. Although hair transplantation methods for females are the same in basic logic, it is very different as method.



When the woman wants hair transplantation after hair loss complaints, firstly, the type and cause of hair loss are examined. Although men are generally more accustomed to this situation, women never get used to hair loss. Hair loss in women is more serious than hair loss in men. Hair loss occurs in women in the form of stages.

Female hair loss can be noticed immediately. However, the hair loss occurring in equal intervals may not be noticed. In women, hair transplantation is much more important. Because when hair loss has a negative visual impact, women can be affected very quickly.

When the woman experiencing hair loss has decided on the hair transplantation process, the type of hair loss is determined first. According to this, the areas to be transplanted are determined and hair transplantation is performed after deciding how much root to take from the dense areas of the hair.


Women can have hair transplant without cutting hair

Hair loss in women can be more destructive than it is in men. A number of diseases such as hormonal changes, drugs or trioidal diseases or anemia can cause hair loss in women. By Hair transplanting the hair density can be increased and natural looking results are obtained.

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