Will my hair transplant look natural?

Will my hair transplant look natural?

Will my hair transplant look natural?

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we understand that you want your hair transplant to look as natural as possible, and we do too. This is why we know a good transplant design is important. Our consultation process allows us to look at your hair loss and establish the best places to take donor hair from, and also assess future hair loss.

Once we have established this we can decide on how many grafts of hair you will need to create the appearance of fullness in the recipient area as well as taking any future hair loss into consideration. During the procedure, our team of expert doctors who have years of experience and are experts at blending the hair in, insert the grafts at an angle and density that matches the original hair. This will then resemble a natural and realistic hair pattern

As with most surgical treatments, FUE hair transplants have a number of myths attached to them. The FUE hair transplant procedure is still relatively new within the hair transplant industry and it can be hard to tell the myths and facts apart. Today we’re going to bust some of the top FUE hair transplant myths, just so that you’re clear on what’s true and what’s not.

# 1 It’s best to have a hair transplant when you’re young

Some people believe that you should have a hair transplant when you’re fairly young and your hair has striated to recede. But this isn’t the case. In most cases, there is a better chance of a successful hair transplant when the patient is slightly older. When you’re young your hair loss pattern is unpredictable. The hair loss can continue in the future and having a transplant before this isn’t the best time.

# 2 You’ll have a full head of hair the next day

Just like your normal hair, hair transplants take time to grow. The transplanted hair will grow in gradually and can take up to a full year for the full process to complete. Sadly you won’t wake up the next day with a full head of hair, but gradually your hair will grow and blend in perfectly and look natural.

# 3 When large numbers of grafts are transplanted they do not get enough blood supply

If your hair follicles aren’t getting enough blood supply this can stunt the growth of your hair. The blood supply to the scalp is so great that it is able to supply thousands of newly transplanted grafts at one time. There is no worry about the influx of hair grafts slowing down the blood supply.

# 4 Your hair transplant will look obvious

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic our expert doctors take immense care with every hair graft, angling them into the scalp to mimic the natural hair pattern. With this in mind when your new hair grows it will mimic the rest of your hair and look just as natural. As mentioned above, the hair will take some time to grow. So you wont be returning to work with a full head of hair the next day.

# 5 Hair transplants are for men only

Both men and women suffer from hair loss and although FUE hair transplants are more popular within the male population this doesn’t mean they are only for men. FUE hair transplants can be used to help women suffering with hair loss too.

# 6 The hair will fall out

A few weeks after your hair transplant surgery your transplanted hair could fall out. However, this isn’t anything to worry about. Your hair will then resume the normal growth cycle and become a permanent part of your scalp.

# 7 You can use someone else’s hair for your transplant

If you are totally bald a hair transplant isn’t the treatment for you. To have a hair transplant you need to have sufficient donor hair. Some people believe that you can use donor hair follicles from a different person, but your body would simply reject the foreign hair.

Deciding to get a hair transplant is a huge decision with many different aspects to consider, from picking the right transplant clinic to deciding when the best time to get a transplant is. A variety of different factors come into play when deciding the best time for you to get a transplant, and today we’re going to try and make that a little easier for you.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we’re experts in the innovative FUE hair transplant procedure. Every procedure and client is different but when the best time to get a transplant is similar for most. From the best age to get a transplant to the best time of the year to get a transplant we’ve got all the information you need.

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