Will finasteride maintain your hair as you get older if you stick to it?

Wondering if you have strong hairloss genes in our family that would make you end up at a NW 5-6 at a rather young age and start taking fin were you still able to maintain?

I have had many patients on finasteride since it came out and never had a hair transplant. These men found that it maintained their hair. A few stopped it and were shocked that they lost hair from stopping it and most quickly went back on it but not everyone grew back what they lost from stopping it. I don’t know if finasteride can stop the final progression of hair loss, but it does seem to hold on to some hair in almost everyone. I personally have been curious to see a person who became a Class 7 pattern male when he was 23, what would have happened to him had he been on finasteride. In other words, could it have stopped the progression to his Class 7 pattern?

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