Why wouldn’t everyone just choose FUT instead of FUE?

FUT is cheaper and has better yield. Why does everyone care about the scar when you have hair? If you want the option to shave your head why get a transplant? Ok surgery recovery time is a small factor…
FUE and FUT are equal quality today. That may not have been true years ago, but today the tools are so good that FUE in the right hands produces quality grafts. The advantage of FUE over FUT is (1) less pain, (2) no linear scar, (3) full activity after within 5 days with no limitations. FUT advantages (1) no shave of the back of the head, (2) long hair covers the donor area so you can go to work the next day as long as the doctor doesn’t shave the recipient area, (3) better for advanced balding patterns as large graft removal never produces a see-through donor area.

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