Why Turkey is the Best for Hair Transplant?

Why Turkey is the Best for Hair Transplant?

Why Turkey?

Considering the ease of the procedure, it is natural for people avail this treatment, but Turkey has more advantages in store.

Firstly, it is the cost advantage that matters most. While a hair transplant operation in the US or Europe would cost around $25,000, in Turkey the cost would range between $600-$2000 enabling people with not-so-deeper pockets as well to avail this treatment.

Secondly, the treatment comes in a package deal. The clinic arranges everything starting from airport pick up and drop, booking decent accommodation, providing the required transportation on the day of operation and even arranging for site seeing in some cases. This ensures a smooth sequence of well planned events with least chances of disruption. This is highly satisfying for any customer attempting a medical procedure in an alien land.

Lastly, the Syrian refugees working in these clinics are excellent in Arabic and can well maintain the communication channel between the Turkish doctors and the clients from the Middle East and Gulf. They help in maintaining a well coordinated system that often drives in more customers.

The other side of the coin:

 All the above factors have generated a cumulative effect in building the country’s reputation in providing top class cosmetic surgery procedures. But on the flipside, there are other factors too that need serious consideration. The situation is always not rosy as painted through marketing efforts and promotional gimmicks as there are many horror stories that remain covered.

Taking advantage of the growing demand for hair transplant procedure, clinics are mushrooming all around Turkey with many adopting extreme measures while offering cheap packages that often do not comply with the regulations.

In the cost-cutting spree, most clinics are hiring under qualified persons to perform the procedure while it is a regulated mandate in Turkey that this treatment should be conducted by qualified doctors. Sometimes nurses or other technicians perform this operation after a preliminary consultation between the doctor and the client is over. The swelling crowd is another factor that has forced many clinics to conduct the operation by undertrained persons.

After working for several years under the supervision of qualified specialists, these nurses and technicians develop the required skill, and employing them for the procedure has almost become a ubiquitous practice. It is even tough to find out that which clinics are maintaining the standard norms of operation unless there are certain methods of appraisal or verification.

To make matters worse, inspectors from health ministry are often bribed heavily to prevent any sort of legal warning that may dampen the illegal business procedure. It is the price advantage that is a big draw for the abroad tourists. Appalling stories from clients suffering from post operative infections or blotched operations done by inefficient hands often flood the online forums but that has hardly affected this robust business.

Opting for the crown makeover at a reasonably low cost is not a bad idea but it is wise to check the credentials of the clinic and specialists before finalizing a deal to prevent any irreversible damage.

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