We will focus on the many ways to treat an irregular beard, but let’s start with a brief introduction to some of the causes of the irregular beard.

  • Genetic

You do not have many options or struggles on genetics. You know science: if your father and father could have a full beard without a Band-Aid, it’s likely that you can do it too. That’s how it works for a lot of things, grandfather, nephew, etc., even if it’s not the case anyway. The conclusion, however, is that there is not much to do against genetics. It is not that all hopes have been lost, as we shall see later.

  • Alopecia Areata

Only a small percentage of the population suffers from alopecia areata. Also known as the “bald spot”, alopecia areata forms a bald spot in the form of coins on the areas covered by the hair of the body, including the beard. There are ways to treat this disease. Furthermore, it can disappear without treatment.

  • Hormonal imbalance

A decrease in the hormones that influence certain masculine characteristics is another potential cause of your irregular beard. Testosterone is one of those hormones.

  • Stress, diet, lack of exercise, etc.

We will deepen this topic as we discuss how to fix the spots of the spots. Too much stress, poor diet, slipper behavior and junk food are potential causes.

This is the basic version of Beard 101 “Why You Have an Uneven Beard”, but you can still go further in its science. However, our main goal is to discuss ways to fix your uneven beard.


Unfortunately, the world is full of men who have given up their beards too soon. Probably reasons: beard punctured during the early stages of growth (an obstacle for beginners, often exasperating), they did not like their appearance with a beard or were uneven.

Well, if you only have a couple of weeks or a month to grow a beard before and that seems uneven, our first advice is: “Do not be afraid!” Too many men have turned away from the road with their beards and chose their knives because they did not immediately attain the glory of their beards. It is true that we live in a society that often expects results in an instant, but growing a beard is not the same as going through the fast lane.

During these frustration steps, it helps keep things in mind:

  • You will notice more than the spectators: you are impatient to reach the glory with the wide beard, we have it. Anything that does not seem to cause you the anxiety of thinking that everyone sees your irregularity, but you’re probably wrong. Most people look at you and think, “Hey, you have to grow your beard” and stay there.
  • Everyone experiences some irregularities: all right, the high school boy who has developed a thick beard, or the boy knows that he has the beard of An adult man; it is better that their beard has not achieved full growth at once. They also had some irregular points along the way. It is rare that the beard grows evenly on the face, chin, cheeks and neck without patches or two, even if it is small.

    2. OWN IT

    Again, we cannot overemphasize this point: if the beard continues to fall in some places, DO NOT lift or shave with razor. Nobody wants to be considered a deadly fool, especially when there are so many solutions of irregularities that do not require shaving. Why do not you accept your beard for what it is, now, not forever, and you possess it with pride?

    And one way to own it is to conceive it strategically.

    For example, keeping your beard shorter is a way to prevent irregular points from becoming too obvious. The light beard is part of patched beard styles that remove the bald areas while giving a new beard. The chin, which has no beard at all, is a popular style that leaves the cheeks clean and shaved while wearing the hair on the jaw and chin. Most button styles also work well for patches.

    Or, here’s the other thing: there’s no rule that says you should not just accept your irregular beard and push it as it is. Of course, it may seem ugly, but you would not be the only one to have tried, and perhaps succeeded, the aspect disheveled. After all, you are what you are.

    3. GROOM IT

    Proper shaving preparation is not only useful for improving the appearance of your beard. Or it also helps you stay healthy. Of course, these are two important reasons to repair your beard, but grooming can also help you manage irregularities.

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