“White Hair Transplant” Is it possible?

“White Hair Transplant” Is it possible?


White Hair Transplant Is it possible? It is a matter of concern for many people who have hair loss problems and have white hair. First of all, we can say with peace of mind; hair transplant can be done to white hair. Peace comfortable. But it requires more attention than hair transplant in normal hair. Because the most important criterion in hair transplantation is natural appearance.


Sometimes, due to the progression of age and sometimes due to the unrelated genetic structure, the hair roots can be white or gray. Naturally, hair follicles of different colors occur in different places on the scalp. Otherwise, unpredictable views may occur.

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As we mentioned above, hair transplantation requires a different sensitivity to the hair that gets bleached. Therefore, planning before planting should be done carefully. Especially in male pattern hair loss, opening from the forehead and peak point decreases as the side reaches.


The whitening of the hair follicles can be mixed, or seen in areas where we can say more on the nape and above the ear. In such cases, when planning hair transplantation:

  • Color of hair follicles collected from donor area
  • Color of hair follicles in hair transplant area
  • Collected hair follicles to match each other when placed in the area to be transplanted hair

These 4 items are the key to the natural appearance.


For example, 70 percent of the hair in your nape area should be whitened. In the area where hair transplants will be made, the roots of black hair should be in the majority. In such a case, grafts should be collected and hair transplants should be collected in order to catch the natural appearance while composing grafts from your nape area.


The hair roots collected while planting on white hair are separated according to their numbers and colors to provide a natural appearance.

In cases where white hair and non-white hair are equal, hair transplantation is much easier. However, in people with high-density black hair, it can be obtained by transferring light hair follicles to the sides with a natural acceleration starting at the peak of dark hair roots collected.


It is also useful to give the following information; the average hair transplantation process lasts from 4 to 8 hours, while the hair transplantation to the white hair is completed in a longer period. Because the hair transplantation to be done to people with locally whitened hair, hair roots will be separated according to their color, the operation time is increasing.


How is Natural Appearance Available in Hair Transplant Operation?


  • In the examination performed before Hair Transplantation, the hairless area of the hair and the density of the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken are carefully analyzed. The number and distribution of hair follicles hair transplant which will be done in the most appropriate manner.
  • Another criterion affecting the naturalness is the front hairline. The frontal hairline is important because of the fact that it is the most important point and the golden ratio calculations. The so-called grass man image results from the fact that the front line is made wrong.
  • Hair color is one of the factors affecting hair growth. Due to the genetic structure of the same color, gray or white-haired people with hair strands in order to prevent the naturalness of hair transplantation planning should be done more carefully.

In this article, we touched on the subject of white hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a sensitive issue when it comes to the subject matter. Especially in the case of white hair, hair transplantation is needed to be more careful and attentive in the name of naturalness.


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