When am i able to wash my hair and how?

When am i able to wash my hair and how?

When am i able to wash my hair and how?

As mentioned higher than once you leave the clinic you’ll lean a special shampoo that we have a tendency to suggest you employ while sick. you’ll wash your hair the day once your transplant and United Statese the shampoo given from us for subsequent fourteen days. merely wash your hair with heat water as you always would.

After this, you’ll be ready to return to your usual selection of shampoo and wash your hair as traditional.

When shall i buy my hair cut and styled?

You’ll begin to note your hair transplant results once 3 months of your treatment, they’ll become very noticeable after six months and you’ll see your final results at 12 months. As you’ll have a shaven head for the procedure you’ll probably see your hair grow back to normal at around three months and we think that’s a great time to go the barber.

Your hair will look slightly fuller due to your transplant starting to come through and you’ll be able to get a fresh hair cut with a new hair style.

Eyebrow reconstruction has become an extremely popular treatment for a lot of people, but we get a lot of questions regarding our procedures. Today we’re focusing on eyebrow reconstruction and telling you everything you need to know.

What is eyebrow reconstruction?

Eyebrow reconstruction is a procedure offered at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, the treatment works to construct eyebrows for those with little to no hair in the brow area. The treatment works by removing hair from the scalp and transplanting it to the brow area. Our team of experts can use the treatment to create eyebrows where there was no hair before and it can also be used to make the brow area fuller and more defined, as well filling in any gaps.

How does an eyebrow transplant work?

We use the same revolutionary procedure as we do for our FUE hair transplants for our eyebrow reconstruction procedure.

Single hair grafts are extracted from the back and sides of the scalp using a specialist extraction tool. The grafts are then prepared under a microscope in preparation to be transplanted. After this, the donor hair is placed into thinning areas in the eyebrows, or around the whole brow area to create a natural looking eyebrow.

The procedure is very delicate and it requires perfect placement of the hairs into tiny incisions that are angled at the right direction and position to mimic the natural growth of eyebrows. The transplanted hair will then begin to grow, resulting in natural, fuller looking eyebrows. Our experienced doctors and specialised treatment will result in the most realistic and natural results possible.

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