What is treatment of hair fall

What is treatment? Is it permanent? Does it help grow new hair?

FUE is the most popular hair transplant technique. It stands for Follicular unit Extraction. The results are permanent and it grows new hair on bald areas of the head.

How many sessions are required for a hair transplant procedure?

Usually one or two sessions are enough to cover the entire scalp. A typical session of approximately 8,000 hair threads covers half the scalp.

Does a hair transplant have any side effects?

It is a fairly safe procedure. Minor complications like swelling and mild pain might be there in the first week. It doesn’t affect the brain, eyes, etc. However, if performed by inexperienced hands, problems like long-term pain, infection, anaesthesia complications cannot be ruled out.

For how many days does one need to be away from work? Is it safe to go outside immediately after the treatment?

It is mandatory that you stay away from work for at least three days, as the wounds are fresh and your head has to be covered by a surgical cap. After three days, a normal cap might be used and the person could resume office. Work from home is possible from the next day itself. It is best to stay indoors for two days after the transplant.

What’s the cost involved in a hair transplant procedure?

The cost varies from doctor to doctor. Typically, a one-day session for the FUE technique involving roughly 8,000 hair threads would be Rs 125,000 to Rs 150,000 at a reputed clinic.

Can you give some general tips to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is a cumulative effect of genetics and lifestyle. We don’t have any control on our genes but we can surely control our lifestyle. Stress is the most common inducer of hair loss, so that must be avoided. A balanced diet is needed for good healthy hair. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of hair. Carbohydrates must be low in your diet.

Mild cleansing products of good quality should be used. Excessive blow-drying, particularly with hot driers, should be avoided. Hard water also leads to hair breakage. Improper lifestyle like heavy smoking, irregular sleep cycle, crash diets, are all bad for hair.

What is the best natural remedy for a head full of healthy hair?

Apart from the things discussed earlier, soy, onion juice application and castor oil are supposed to promote hair growth. Egg yolk is considered a good natural conditioner. Curd and lemon are good anti-dandruff agents.

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