What is the washing technique that you use for after a hair transplant?

I give the patient a surgical sponge that has no soap in it. The patient then wets his recipient area with softly running water. Any good shampoo is use with the sponge so that it fills with shampoo. Then with a rolling motion (not rubbing) the soap from inside the sponge squirts on the grafts as the sponge holds a mild pressure on the grafts. This process is repeated until all of the crusts are off provided that it is started the day after the surgery. If you wait too long, the crusting (scabbing) gets fixed to the scalp and then there is a new problem, how to get off the crusts that have been there for a few days and are fixed to the scalp and the grafts. If you pull them off at this point in time, the grafts will come out. ?

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