What is the timeline for balding?

Well to my dismay I am now a member of this community at 23. The idea of balding hadn’t even entered my mind until my mom mentioned my hairline receding a few weeks ago. Now i see it. Her dad was bald at like 30 so i guess it makes sense. Now i go around staring at dudes’ hairlines and guessing what their NW levels are.

My question is: what kind of timelines have people experienced? Does this ever start and then stop for a decade or is it all downhill from here? Do some people only recede a little or is everyone who experiences any MPB destined to become larry david? Id like to keep my hair at least thru my 20s so do i just need to get on finasteride immediately? Or wait and see a few months?

Balding is progressive in men as shown in this link: https://newhair.com/baldingblog/need-master-plan-think-hair-transplants-photos/ .

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