What is ATP?

What is ATP?

What is ATP?                                                                             

ATP (advanced tricho pigmentation) is associate degree pioneer treatment offered at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. The treatment works to realize the looks of natural hair on each the brow and scalp space.

ATP works in a very similar thanks to a tattoo, natural pigments ar applied to the realm wherever you wish to copy the looks of hair. Our team of consultants work to copy the looks of hair follicles on the scalp, and natural hair strokes on the brow space.

The specialised method deposits little amounts of pigments to the recipient space. Once applied you’ll begin to envision realistic results that employment towards replicating real hair.

What treatment is best for me?

Both our FUE and nucleotide treatments ar designed to treat hair loss and work towards the looks of a fuller trying head of hair. However, each treatments add wholly alternative ways and suit a distinction audience.

FUE is that the good treatment for people who have a receding hairline that they want to reconstruct or for people who have hairless areas on their head. you’ll be able to use the hair you have got to ‘fill in’ these gaps and also the results can leave you with a full head of natural hair.

ATP works well on people who have virtually a full head of hair however have detected dilution in some areas; the treatment are often wont to apply pigments within the dilution areas, creating the hair seem fuller.

The treatment is additionally good for those with virtually no hair World Health Organization wish to copy the looks of a closely well-shaven head. nucleotide are often wont to apply pigment to the total scalp, making the looks of short, husk like hair.

Hair loss are often one in all the worst times of a man’s life, it will extremely set your confidence back. after you begin to seem into treatments you wish one thing that’s progressing to last, one thing permanent. we frequently get asked if our FUE hair transplants ar a permanent hair loss resolution, today, we’re progressing to cross-check it.

Although the recovery method when a hair transplant procedure mustn’t impact your life an excessive amount of, we have a tendency to still have 5 tips to assist with the healing method.

#1 Take a prospect from the athletic facility

If you’re a athletic facility lover you’ll in all probability wish to be back as shortly as doable, sure as shooting a fast run or lifting many weights won’t have an effect on the healing of your new hair.

Sadly, that isn’t the case. after you exercise you’re over probably progressing to manufacture sweat and sweating will increase the chance of infection after you have open wounds. it’s an honest plan to avoid something that may cause you to unnecessarily sweat, we have a tendency to advise you avoid the athletic facility for a minimum of one week and don’t try any work for a minimum of ten days.

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