What happens to people who have ED when they go on finasteride?

What do you think: Does fin hit harder for guys with previously high or low libido? Any personal experiences here?

Some context: Im not on any medication but considering getting on the big 3. Like everyone else I’m concerned about sides from fin. When I was 20 or under, my libido was always sky high but now that I’m 25 I’ve noticed that I’m in the mood a lot less frequently. I’m sure this is a natural consequence of me getting older and I’m totally ok with that, but I’d prefer to not artificially tank my libido if I can avoid it.

We know that men who are in their 20s have some ED at a rate of about 20%, men in their 30s have an ED rate of about 30% and men in their 40s have an ED rate of about 40% and so on. I have not seen a relationship between men’s previous ED elements in their history to those who get finasteride induced ED, but it may exist.

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