Wagner said

Wagner said

Both techniques place hairs the way they would naturally grow,” Wagner said. “The big difference is the way in which the hairs are extracted. FUE is essentially the ‘one hair at a time’ method. The hairs are extracted the same way they grow, in naturally occurring clusters.” The FUE procedure is not as widely available as the traditional FUG method, and Wagner is proud to be able to offer it to North County clients.

The first step in the FUE technique is to remove follicles from the donor area. The hairs are extracted in their naturally occurring one-, two-, three- and four-hair follicle units from areas of the scalp that are resistant to balding. They are then transplanted into tiny incisions in the balding areas.

The extracted hairs are then examined to assess their integrity and suitability for transplantation. “These grafts are then meticulously placed at the correct angle, direction and pattern of your original hair,” Wagner said. “This allows enough blood to nourish every hair during the brief five- to seven-day healing process. Then the donor area is dressed with an antibiotic ointment. There are no sutures, and no bandages.”

If you have been living with hair loss or are taking a pharmacological approach and want to find a permanent and reliable solution, Wagner invites you to schedule a free consultation at MyHairTransplantMD. Go to www.MyHairTransplantMD.com or call (800) 262-2017 for clear procedure pricing, testimonials or to schedule your no-cost consultation.


UK clinic warns that British men in search of cheap hair transplants are putting themselves at risk by visiting unlicensed clinics abroad.

According to a UK clinic, British men in search of cheap hair transplants are putting themselves at risk by visiting unlicensed clinics abroad. These cut-price producers see men often requiring further surgery to repair the damage on return to the UK. Some go to India but the vast majority go to Turkey.

Boasting 500 transplant clinics across the country, Turkey has become a popular choice for hair transplant procedures. But with 60% of clinics believed to be operating illegally, doctors are warning of the effects visiting an unlicensed surgeon can have.

Lured in by cheap deals on surgery, patients are often given no aftercare or vital medicationneeded to aid the success of a hair transplant.

Dr Edward Ball, from The Maitland Clinic warns: “Medical tourism is not new, but what I find so shocking is the number of poor transplants being carried out by reckless and unqualified surgeons. The results of a hair transplant stay with you for the rest of your life. When done well, this can give a huge boost to confidence and self-esteem. However, we have seen patients who are devastated by the unnatural looking results from their decision to accept a low cost offer overseas. If you want to consider a hair transplant, my advice would always be to do your homework, research your surgeon and make sure you meet them face to face well in advance of the procedure. Ask to speak to any of their previous patients who have had the same procedure, and whether at home or abroad make sure you have a comprehensive aftercare plan.”

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