Unachieved Patient Expectations For Hair Transplant

As in any form of aesthetic surgical treatment, the expectations of the patient need to be sensible. However, unique for the hair restoration patient is the significance of appreciating the revolutionary nature of non-transplanted hair loss over time, the inherent features in their donor’s hair as a source for scalp coverage, and their man or woman trouble in donor deliver.

Poor Cosmetic Appearance of the Transplant

The predicted final results using contemporary strategies of hair transplantation is an end result this is generally indistinguishable from the appearance of native scalp hair.

 Figures :


Figure 17. (A, C, E) This 28-year-old man with male pattern alopecia presented for hair restoration. (B, D, F) Eight months following a single session of hair grafting with 2500 grafts placed in a forelock distribution. Note the beneficial effect from finasteride in the non-transplanted posterior crown region. The benefit to forelock grafting is that additional grafts can be placed in the crown region if desired or the result can stand alone.


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