Two days training and some clinics in China unleash people to do FUE on people like you

This is similar to many clinics in Turkey where almost 500 clinics have FUE surgery performed by minimally trained personal. I believe that these people can learn how to do it as they practice more and more on patients, but the problem is what happens when there is a side effect from anesthesia, or a cardiac arrhythmia? Then the patient has a risk of death, something that has been reported in countries from around the world. These ‘on-the-job’ trained people certainly can’t respond properly to any emergency. In the 16,000 surgeries we have done in our practice, we have seen such events almost every year, but we NEVER had a problem addressing the problem when it appeared because we are skilled in Emergency treatments and we are physicians who know this as a result of years of speciality training.

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