Turkey Hair Transplant Center (THTC)

Turkey Hair Transplant Center (THTC) is exclusively dedicated to the practice of hair transplantation, offering the latest in medical hair restoration and hair transplant techniques for both men and women. We specialize in follicular unit grafting with microscopic dissection, which is considered to be the most state-of-the-art technique used in hair transplantation today. Our commitment is to provide you with an incredibly natural looking hair transplant, utilizing the latest techniques, whilst adhering to the highest standards of medical practice. As patient care is our top priority, we will ensure that at the THTC, you not only receive the best hair transplant, but also the best medical attention available from our doctor and our highly trained staff.

Best Price Guarantee

Tax Free

Reasonable Prices

We realize how costly it can be to have a hair transplant done; not everybody can afford it. That is why here at the THTC we try to keep our prices more affordable for everyone. Our cost are a fraction of the pricing you find in most western countries and furthermore they are all-inclusive. The prices as listed on our webpage are your final costs, there are no hidden charges.

guarantee result

Our Promise

Thousands of patients from around the world come to the THTC for help with their hair loss problems and they all leave more than satisfied. We are so sure that you too will be one of those patients, we guarantee that each grafted hair we plant will grow in. Any grafts that do not grow in after your surgery will be gladly replaced ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ on your next session.


Sucess or failure

Right Decision

Choosing the right hair transplantation doctor and clinic is the most important decision you will make when it comes to solving your hair loss problems and that is why you should choose a center that focuses solely on hair transplantation. Our specialized staff each possess over a decade of experience and skill in the industry and together have transplanted over a million grafts between them. As a team, they continually deliver excellence in both patient care and clinical results to patients of all ages and have established a world-class reputation which attracts a diverse group of clientele from all around the world. The pictures as seen on our patient gallery are only a fraction of our entire patient group. In addition, the THTC does not participate in any physician internship programs, so as a THTC patient, you always receive one-on-one treatment directly from his team.

Choosing the wrong hair transplantation doctor and clinic could jeopardize your hair loss situation and it is difficult to find another doctor to correct it.

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