Travel and hotel expense in Turkey for hair transplant

Travel and hotel expense in Turkey for hair transplant

Travel and hotel expense

The initial cost of a hair transplant abroad might seem like a fantastic price, but you need to think about the cost of travel. You’ll need to book your flights and accommodation. It is also very important to remember this might not be a one ofF cost. If in the future you need to revisit your clinic you’ll have to pay out for the travel expense again.

What you need to consider

Always remember that the initial cost of a hair transplant abroad might look very appealing, but you need to consider the added costs. These will straight away bring up the real cost of your hair transplant.

Forgetting about the cost of the hair transplant, there are also a few other important things that you need to consider before jetting off to get your hair transplant.

Who will be carrying out the procedure?

At The Harley Street Hair Clinic we only use doctors for our FUE hair transplant procedures. This is because we know that they’re experienced and have the correct qualifications to produce the high quality results we expect.

When getting a hair transplant abroad you won’t be certain who is carrying out your procedure, or what qualifications this person has. This is a really important factor and you should spend time researching this.

Do they have any references or testimonials?

A good clinic will have a great deal of references and testimonials. Most clinics will have these available on their website for you to look through and see what other patients thought and look at their results.

If your chosen clinic does not have any of these on the website it is important to ask if they have any. Some clinics may want to keep the private and only show them to potential patients.

What you do if you’re unhappy with your results

It is important to ask your clinic what happens if you are unhappy with your results. With a hair transplant you won’t be able to see instant results. It can take up to 6 months for you to see the benefit of your transplant and by this time you’ll be back home.

You need to ask your clinic what they do if a patient isn’t happy, you could end up having to pay to fly yourself back and pay for another visit, again increasing that initial cost.

Getting a hair transplant abroad might seem like a great option when you see the attractive price point but always consider your other options. We advise you to fully research both clinics in the UK and abroad and weigh up the options.

Getting a hair transplant is a relatively big deal for a lot of people and thus it is not unusual to have a few questions to ask after the procedure. Here, we aim to answer these questions before you’ve even phoned us for a consultation.

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