Those with thinning or balding hair

Those with thinning or balding hair

Those with thinning or balding hair often suffer from self-consciousness and, eventually, that can take its toll on one’s self-esteem,” added Dr. Kahen. “Being able to restore one’s hair can help the patient regain their confidence as I’ve witnessed over and over again.”

Dr. Kahen has performed thousands of hair restoration surgeries and has become one of the most sought-after doctors in the country. He has performed surgeries on business executives, physicians, dignitaries, and celebrities, among others. He has invented some of the most advanced restoration technology, including SmartPRP. Located only 30 minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, BHHR  also offers a fly-in program, helping those who may be coming in from other states or countries for the procedure.

How Technology Has Revolutionized Hair Loss Solutions

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Hair loss can be an unfortunate fact of life for millions of people, and while some may come to terms with their loss of locks, others find it much harder to adjust.

As a result, hair loss treatments have remained in high demand and technological improvements now offer better choices. From less invasive technology used for hair implants, including U-FUE and 3D hair follicle technology, to the stunning realism of wigs, check out some examples of how technology is revolutionizing hair loss solutions.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplant innovations have continued through the years, especially with the introduction of Follicular Unit Extraction technology (FUE). FUE today is a big improvement over earlier follicular unit transplantation, which required taking entire strips of skin from the back of the head and cutting them into separate sections for replacement around the thinning areas of the head—a painful and scarring experience.

FUE, however, simply requires the harvesting of a single hair follicle—one at a time—from an area of healthy growth. The hair follicles are then relocated where they’re most needed, a useful option for receding hairlines. Scarring with FUE is minimal and in most cases, it’s completely painless. What’s more, the follicle is never out of the skin for long, which reduces the chance of damage to the follicle —a huge advantage.

For those with thinning hair across the entirety of the scalp, FUE may not be the best bet. This is where U-FUE, DHI and 3D printing technologies come into play. U-FUE uses similar techniques to FUE, but with more expert surgeons, this can be done without the need for shaving the hair completely.

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