The rise in medical tourism for hair transplant

The rise in medical tourism for hair transplant

The rise in medical tourism

Over the last few years there has been a huge rise in medical tourism, from people looking at plastic surgery to dental implants. Recently there has been a huge rise in the number of Brits traveling to places such as Turkey on the lookout for a cheap hair transplant deal.

In December 2015 Turkey’s health ministry stated that over 200 hair transplants were carried out each day, mostly to foreign visitors. The attractive price tag these transplants have is why they’re so popular. However, you need to consider the other costs too.

Calling the clinic

This might seem like a simple thing but when getting any medical procedure you’re bound to have questions. Most clinics will be happy for you to call them as many times as you wish, whenever you have a question.

Getting a transplant abroad can make this harder, and bring up the cost. Firstly, calling an out of country number will add up and it is important to consider this as you’ll more than likely want to call your clinic before and after your procedure.

Taking cost out of the equation, it can in some cases become very difficult to communicate with your clinic. There is more than likely going to be a language barrier, which can become very hard when you have complex questions.

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