The Perfect Beard

The Perfect Beard

The Perfect Beard

Getting the perfect beard can be quite difficult for some people, and that’s why some decide to opt for the clean shaven or stubbly look. If having a beard is your desired look we’ve got you covered, here are our tips for achieving the perfect beard.

If you’re having trouble growing a beard our first tip is to start fresh, take the time to have a proper shave to give yourself a clean slate. Once your beard starts growing through you might find it a little itchy but you need to fight that. This could be due to your skin becoming dehydrated or an acumination of dirt build up. You should regularly clean your facial hair and moisturiser with a beard moisturiser or oil.

Next up, research – take a little bit of time looking at beard shapes and lengths you would like. This will allow you to know what you need to work towards, there’s no point in growing your beard for 6 months if you actually want something quite short and tidy.

Once you’re in the growth stage it’s important not to slack on the upkeep, keep your beard clean and moisturised daily, ensure you brush it and trim up any lose straggly bits, this will keep your beard looking well-groomed between trips to the barbers.

Beard transplant

If you’re set on having a beard but you’re still struggling after following our tips it might be time to look into hair restoration treatments such as beard transplants.

If you struggle with patches where the hair will not grow a beard transplant could be the answer. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, we’re experts in the FUE hair transplant procedure – something we can use to build upon your beard to give you the perfect beard.

Our FUE beard transplant procedure is a great way to build upon an already existing beard and can work to fill in any gaps and make a beard look fuller and more defined whilst still looking natural.

The fear of a receding hairline is something that most men will think about throughout their life. For some, they can spend a lot of time worrying about it and thinking of different ways to disguise and combat a receding hairline. Read on to see exactly how you can combat a receding hairline, from how to disguise it to different treatments.

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