The change of water and increasing responsibilities at work caused continuous hair fall

The change of water and increasing responsibilities at work caused continuous hair fall

I shifted to Pune some eight years back for professional reasons, and maybe the change of water and increasing responsibilities at work caused continuous hair fall. I noticed it only when a significant part of the crown of my head was devoid of hair. There are so many options available these days so it wasn’t hard for me to find a good clinic and go for a hair transplant treatment,” says Amrendra Singh, who is now manager in an IT firm here. Singh reflects the thinking of many young working men in the city who feel they should not compromise on personality just because of baldness or receding hairlines.

Hair transplant involves removing some hair follicles or hair grafts from the back side of the head, as they are immune to hormonal changes, and surgically implant these in the areas where there is baldness.

Although most doctors say that hair transplant is a safe procedure that has minimal or no side effects, many try non-surgical methods such as medicines, or stimulating the follicles and an appropriate diet plan before suggesting transplant. Sahasrabudhe says that first doctors try medicines for around two months and if they don’t work then patients are advised to go for a hair transplant.

“After a transplant session, the hair takes around nine months to regrow fully. One can cut, shave or style this hair anyway,” said Yadav. “It is better if men go for hair transplant at a younger age only, since the donor area is good,” he added.

“The trends and research in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant techniques have improved a lot in the recent times, good clinics are available in larger numbers, hence the earlier reluctance can no longer be seen,” observes Sahasrabudhe.


Causes of extensive hair fall in young males: Bad dietary and sleeping habits, smoking and drinking, hypertension, diabetes, infection of the scalp, hormonal changes due to certain medicines

Hair transplant techniques available in India: There are two techniques available for removal of hair grafts – the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methods. In the FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut out from the back of the head and is dissected into individual grafts – advantages being a larger area can be covered in fewer sittings.

The FUE method of hair transplantation involves taking the individual follicular units/grafts from the back of the head one by one by cutting around it through a tiny specialised machine and removing them. This method enables faster recovery time, hence prevents cuts or stitches – thus reducing scars.

Time required and number of sittings: 1-2 sittings of six to seven hours each

Cost: Average cost is Rs 75,000

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