Surgery at the Hair of Istanbul clinic

Surgery at the Hair of Istanbul clinic

It comes days after he was filmed partying in a hotel room next to suspicious white powder before laughing at a host of horrific jokes made by his friends.

The reality star – who was currently in Cardiff carrying out his community service – shared a Snapchat video last week in which he showed the mysterious powder presented in lines on the table.

In other shocking moments, the former CBB star – who was recently charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis – was overheard laughing at jokes made by his friends regarding the mass Las Vegas shooting this month, and even his dead mother.

Dramatically different: But the reality star looked worlds away from his usual self following the surgery at the Hair of Istanbul clinic

Jeremy – who attended rehab in April for drink and drug addiction – was seen partying next to the powder as well as empty bottles and glasses.

The image was captioned ‘Swear to god mate, 4 trains’. The term ‘c-train’ is slang for the drug cocaine.

According to the government’s guidelines, any misbehaviour while a criminal is carrying out community service could see them being given a warning or sent back to court.

The Mirror then reports that in footage shot the next morning, the former Beauty School Cop Outs star laughs at an impression of his dead mother.

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His friend covers himself in a sheet and pretends to be a ghost as he calls out: ‘Jeremy, it’s your mother speaking… I’m back from the dead! It’s your family back from the dead.’

Jeremy’s friend then aims a vodka bottle out of their hotel window at the streets below to mimic a rifle whilst making machine gun sound effects.

The scenes were shockingly similar to the the recent Las Vegas shooting this month that saw Stephen Paddock kill 58 and maim 546 other people with semi-automatic rifles from the window of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Not fazed by the actions, Jeremy is overheard laughing at the imitation.

Jeremy’s representatives declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.

 A new man! Perfecting his new image, the tattooed star – who shares son Caben-Albi with former flame Stephanie Davis – also had his teeth done at dentistry clinic Sevil Smile Studio

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