Source of hair transplant

Source of hair transplant


A British Association of Dermatologists spokesman told the BBC: “This is a very interesting study.

“As the researchers say, hair loss is a common disorder and it can cause considerable damage to emotional health, including loss of self-esteem and confidence.

“That said, more research will need to be done before it can be used by people with hair loss.

“For individuals with hair loss, treatments can be very hit and miss. There isn’t one which is universally effective.

“For that reason new treatments are exciting as they give people more treatment options that may be effective.”

German Estetica Health Care, the Number One Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

German Estetica is the world’s most famous center hair transplant. They issue special offers of a discount of $250 to all their clients for a limited period, a free plasma needle, and a mesotherapy session.

Oct 10, 2018 – Have you been looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Then German Estetica Health Care is what you need. Their expert surgeon and experienced staff are dedicated to the practice of hair restoration in Turkey. Using the latest hair loss treatment techniques and the most innovative technology, they offer surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions. If you are seeking a truly natural looking hair transplant in Turkey, then German Estetica Health Care is your go-to guys.

At German Estetica, over 6000 graft are implanted per session by using the latest hair transplant technique. They are experts at Fue mega unit extraction, Choi implanter technique, and the percutaneous technique. They also use the latest anesthesia methods are used to relieve pain during the operation which is local anesthesia

German Estetica also offers their clients the best Istanbul hotels if they are coming from afar, guaranteed results, free consultation, a full medical bag, a luxurious private car with a driver, and free medical check-up prior to the operation. They use both FUT and FUE technology to restore clients’ own natural hair to thinning and even bald areas, and have non-surgical solutions that may be suitable for any of their client’s situation.

All Germa Estetica patients report feeling much happier, self-confident, and as much as 10 years younger after their transplant procedures. Their senior surgeon is not only meticulous and accurate in his surgical procedures, but also artistically skilled in recreating incredibly natural hairlines. If you want to improve your future outlook contact German Estetica today.

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