So, if I replace my receding hairline, what happens in another 5-10 years when I continue to recede? Answer: A Master Plan with a good doctor who measures your Hair Bank!

Great Question! I have been doing hair transplants for 29 years and started off doing Follicular Unit Transplants (which I pioneered) with large sessions of follicular units rather than the old type of plugs. I first published the idea that a Master Plan is critical for every person and it must take into account the limited hair in the donor supply. I discussed looking at the donor area as a bank account, but rather than money, it is hair in that account. The unique thing about a donor area bank account is that there are never deposits, only withdrawals. So the doctor MUST ALWAYS document how much hair is in the ‘donor bank’ and with each withdrawal, he must plan to leave enough to satisfy the patients initial needs and his long term needs as more hair is ALWAYS lost over time.  I have transplanted patients over the 29 years, keeping up with the progressive balding process to keep them hairy. I have always been honest if compromises are necessary. Today, too many doctors think short-term because it is better for them financially if they move a lot of ‘bank hair’ out earlier.  But these doctors are not the doctors you want. Always be sure that your doctor talks about your donor supply (bank) as he depletes it with FUE or FUT. Here is an example of one of many of these patients who have stayed ‘hairy’ despite continued hair loss:

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