Removing some hair follicles or hair grafts

Removing some hair follicles or hair grafts

Hair transplant involves removing some hair follicles or hair grafts from the back of the head, as they are immune to hormonal changes, and surgically implanting these in the bald areas.

Although most doctors say that hair transplant is a safe procedure with minimal or no side effects, they first suggest non-surgical methods such as medicines, or stimulating the follicles and an appropriate diet plan.

“After a transplant session, the hair takes around nine months to regrow fully. One can cut, shave or style this hair anyway,” says Yadav. “It is better if men go for hair transplant at a younger age, since the donor area is good.”

“The trends and research in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant techniques have hugely improved in recent times. Good clinics are available in larger numbers so there is no reluctance like before,” observes Sahasrabudhe.

Pune: Irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy lifestyle, late night shifts at work, stress coupled with the poor air and water quality is leading to hair loss in young men in the city. Doctors say that 90% of their hair transplant customers these days are young males in the age group 25-35 who have had noticeable hair loss and wish to rectify it.

“It has been seen that most youngsters these days don’t eat or sleep well and then pollution and other environmental factors cause extreme hair fall,” says trichologist Apoorva Shah. He added that men are more prone to baldness since it is caused by male hormone which is dihydrotestosterone.

“The ratio of baldness in males and females is seen to be 5:1. Especially in the recent four to five years, we have seen an increase in the complaints. This may be because the dietary habits and work patterns that have changed significantly in recent times,” said cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Parag Sahasrabudhe.

Experts explain that male-pattern baldness can start as early as the teens and shows its effects from early 20s. Sahasrabudhe explains that in some cases, severe viral infections can also be a cause of the extreme hair fall or baldness in males – irrespective of the age.

Prashant Yadav, cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon said that out of the average 30 hair transplant patients he has every month, almost 90% are young males in the age group 25-35, out of which a major chunk- 60% are between 25-30 age group.

A few years back, procedures such as hair transplant was associated with men of the age group between 40 to 60 years. Professionals in the hair industry say that now the trend has shifted towards the younger population who are not hesitating to opt for treatments. Yadav observes that majority of youngsters now start earning by the age of 21-22 and believe in investing in their looks. “If a person has noticeable hair problems at 25-27 years of age, he immediately visits a specialist and seeks help,” he said.

Balram Chhetry from the Hi-Tech hair clinic in Pune, says a change in the hairline definitely brings a change in the overall personality and hence changes the way people look at you. Usually by age 25-27, there is a change in the professional as well as personal space. Those who wish to get married and want to make a good impression do not want to lose out just because of a receding hairline. Hence they are going for transplant – the procedure which takes a few hours sitting across a single day.

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