Rapid growth of the industry in Turkey

Rapid growth of the industry in Turkey

The countered Illegality in the Industry

However, there are serious problems connected to the rapid growth of the industry in Turkey. The local black market is linked to a network of travel agencies. Together they have created a network of unlicensed hair-transplant businesses within the country. They perform operations with unauthorized personnel in a low hygiene places, neither hospitals nor clinics!

But how to identify these illegal businesses? Prices of hair transplant surgical procedures often drop to as low as $800 in the black market. Also, hair transplantations can only be legally performed in hospitals or fully equipped clinics, either by a doctor, dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Due to the importance of this sector, and to counter the rapid growth for these illegal operations, the government have enacted hard laws to control Hair Transplantation within the country. All performing clinics and hospitals must be registered with the national healthcare system.

Professional clinics are concerned about these unlicensed facilities. It is a fact that illegal clinics are putting patients’ lives at risk. Amateurs are employed and insufficient equipment is used, creating a high, and very real, risk of danger.

The Necessity of Choosing Carefully

It is thus necessary to choose clinics for hair transplants very carefully. Professionalism, combined with compliance with the above mentioned conditions, is essential.

Skin Health Turkey is an institution that satisfies all the requirements perfectly. It was founded by doctors and travel consultants. The clinic, based in the centre of Istanbul, provides a large variety of surgical procedures using the latest techniques and equipment, but is particularly experienced in hair transplantation. Transplantations are performed by one of the co-founders, dermatologist, Dr. Öykü Çelen, who uses the most advanced technique called “FUE Technique”.

Skin Health Turkey is extremely professional in its approach and provides its patients with a pre-prepared travel and treatment program. The centre boasts high success rates in treatments, but goes on to offer much more than just the treatment itself. The clinic’s services start when the patient arrives at the airport and continue, even after the patient’s return to their home country. After the treatment, patients are monitored periodically by professionals via a CRM follow up system.

Moreover, the company also has a branch in Italy, thus enabling it to serve European countries as well as other countries around the world. The company is highly regarded globally. It has participated in many national and international conferences and touristic activities, appealing to many partners and agencies to join it.

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