Questions about Finasteride

Thanks so much I really appreciate this.
So the questions are…
1. How common/rare is propecia in causing (a) prostate cancer, (b) breast cancer, (c) Gynecomastia, (d) infertility?  Finasteride does not cause prostate cancer. There is a risk of Gynecomastia which is rare and infertility which is very rare. 
2. By taking the propecia it is the a actual drug that is causing a cancer / tumor to appear? Or does it just mask a cancer / potential cancer? Finasteride may mask the PSA test by making it lower than it normally is, but it does not cause cancer, in fact, people who take finasteride have a lower risk of cancer by 25%.
3. How common are sexual side effects? Sexual side effects range between 2-4% depending upon which study you read. 
4. Would my grandad having prostate cancer affect me taking propecia? Even if I’m 25. It will reduce your risk of prostate cancer by 25% over time
5. In your years of experience with the drug how many people have reported serious side effects? In my experience, all side effects, if they occur, are reversible. 
6. Would you say the drug was safe? Yes
7. Can you drink alcohol on the drug? Yes
8. Can you lose muscle / gain fat due to the drug? And how likely? Unikely
It’s only because online there are so many stories which scary stories. I feel speaking with an experienced and knowledgable doctor on the matter will put my mind at ease as you know what you are talking about with years of practice.

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