Question About Topical Finasteride vs Oral Finasteride

Recently, I got a prescription for oral finasteride from my dermatologist. I’m a bit nervous to take the oral route due to the side effects that appear to be somewhat common and the possibility of the post-finasteride syndrome. I have learned that my pharmacy is able to compound 5% minoxidil with 1mg Finasteride into a topical solution. I was wondering if you had an opinion on this? 

Keep in mind that topical only works where you put it. So, if you have hair loss where you don’t see it (like many people do when I perform a HAIR CHECK test), then these areas will still lose hair.  Also, Post finasteride syndrome, I believe, doesn’t happen if you stop taking it after you find that even staying on it a month or so does not solve the ED problems.

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