PRP (Autologous Activated Platelet Rich Plasma Injection on Hair Loss)

PRP treatment, which is used in many areas ranging from hair transplantation to skin beauty with its effective results and easy to obtain and easy to apply, plays an important role in the body’s self-healing. This treatment, in addition to preventing hair loss; by feeding new roots planted after hair transplantation, helps adapting to their new place.

According to the researches, the natural amount of thrombocyte in the blood increases the rate of blood healing and hence the cell regeneration.

PRP, which comes from the abbreviation of ‘Platelet Rich Plasma‘ in English, can be applied to people who experience hair loss, before or after hair transplantation. There is also ‘ FUE Hair Transplantation with PRP Support’ operation,can be chosen during hair transplantation operation.

PRP takes its power from the body’s self-renewal process.

In the area where PRP is injected, there is a feeling of a wound that needs immediate treatment. The body starts to regenerate its cells. This method, which allows the cells to be regenerated when applied to the skin, provides a fast and effective feeding and strengthening of the hair when applied to the hair follicles.

 Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating


How Prp Treatment is applied?

 How is the PRP treatment  implemented? In a total of half an hour, how quickly and easily performed this process can be described in 10 steps:

  • 1 tube of blood is taken from the person by the health team. The blood taken is placed in a special centrifuge device and treated 1 or 2 times for 15 – 20 minutes. The platelets of the individual’s blood are separated and the PRP plasma is obtained.

  • At the end of this period, the PRP collected in the tube is injected into the injector and applied into the hair follicles. The injection process takes about 10 minutes.

  • Because the person is injected with a needle into the scalp, it can cause slight pain. However, this process, completed in a very short time with micro-tipped needles, does not feel too much pain due to the hard and durable nature of the scalp.

  • In people who are sensitive to pain, this treatment is done with anesthetic cream application or with vibrating nerve endings device. In this way, it is possible to completely eliminate the pain that may occur.

  • Since the treatment does not cause any dizziness or fatigue, the person can easily return to his daily life after the procedure.

  • After the process, sea – pool activities, sports or activities that can create intensive fatigue should be avoided.

  • There will be no changes in the image of the person since it is applied to the hair region. One session is insufficient to show its effect. In order for the procedure to be successful, it is appropriate for your doctor to plan for you.

  • The procedure is carried out for 4 sessions at average 3-week intervals and is repeated after 6 months if necessary.

Activation of the thrombocyte in the blood by replication is provided by natural ways. The centrifugation technique was the most appropriate method in this application. This process can also be called cell separation.

  • It is widely used because of its effectiveness and easy to obtain. It is also used for hair follicle nutrition after hair transplantation or for hair growth.

 Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating

PRP’s Effect on Hair Transplantation

The hair follicles transplanted during hair transplantation are tired for a few hours outside and may experience post-operative adaptation. It is an effective method for minimizing losses in newly sown grafts. Because, it accelerates the adaptation process and healing of hair follicles.

This method, which allows the hair follicles to settle in their new places and the wounds heal faster, nourishes and strengthens new hair follicles.

When applied regularly, its effect starts to be noticed within 1 to 2 months. Lifeless hair becomes stronger, stronger and thicker.

It has invigorating properties. Therefore, it also positively affects other hair follicles in the area. Reduces hair loss, helps to strengthen and grow hair.

 Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating
Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating

 Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating

Difference Between PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

It is a very cheap and easy method for obtaining PRP compared to stem cells. It can be prepared and applied immediately.

The platelets are also stem cells and are readily available in our blood. For the stem cell, the skin is taken from the back of the ear by biopsy and is produced in the laboratory in approximately 1 month. It is applied 3 times a month.

Stem cell density is very rich compared to PRP, but the form of preparation is very expensive, difficult and long-lasting in terms of duration and cost. As a result, it gives almost the same results as PRP.

 Platelet-rich Plasma in Treating

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