Plastic surgery fanatic

Plastic surgery fanatic

Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica (pictured after the transplant) has had a $15,000 (£11,000) procedure to thicken his hairline – and look like his idol Elvis

The plastic surgery fanatic, 37, (pictured shortly after having the transplant) decided to have his hairline thickened and lowered

Justin had previously spent $14,000 (£10,000) on over 40 laser hair removal sessions, but is now reversing the effect by implanting sideburns.

Dr. John Kahen and his team, from the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration performed the Celebrity Hair Rejuvenation treatment on Justin in order to give him a ‘Hollywood hairline’.

They removed over 900 tiny pieces of skin from the back of his head, extracted the follicles and implanted them into 2,800 incisions made in his scalp, eyebrows and sideburn area.

It took four months for his new hair to grow, but since then, Justin has been delighted with the rapid regrowth, which he believes has helped him to finally embrace his ‘daddy years’.

 Justin, who is based in Beverly Hills, said he was first alerted to the thinning of his hairline after his hair stylist identified a tiny hairless patch and pointed out his receding hairline (pictured)

Justin (far left) is pictured with Dr. John Kahen at the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration before undergoing the hair transplant procedure

In fact, he said the procedure has bene so successful that he must groom his new facial hair daily.

‘I think facial hair plays a really large role in the way society perceives a masculine or handsome appearance verses a young boyish one,’ Justin said.

‘When I was in my twenties I wasn’t ready for facial hair, I tried to hold onto my boyish looks and wasn’t ready to accept looking like an adult male.

‘I think at that point in my life I equated my beard and moustache growth to getting old. I feared the loss of my “twinkdom”.’

Justin explained how he had 2,800 hair grafts transplanted to replicate his idol Elvis

Justin said that he had previously used laser hair removal in order to stay ‘comfortable in his own skin’ .

‘In my early twenties, I spent so much money lasering off all my hair, but now at 37-years-old, I feel that by the time I’m forty I should have some facial hair and that it would look sexy on me,’ he said.

‘This procedure was one that helped restore me back to man that I would have been, if I hadn’t meddled with things in the past. This was a form of reconstruction in my opinion.

‘I think my newfound confidence as a mature adult man in his late thirties is an attractive quality.

‘I’m ready for some of that rugged George Clooney scruff mixed with that Elvis Presley sideburn and hairline.’

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