Planning to get a hair transplant when I’m 23 (from Reddit)


p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”>Be careful about jumping the gun and rushing into a hair transplant until your balding pattern is evident as shown here: . This man, had he done hair transplants, would have been very surprised as he got older. Maybe the doctor would have pushed his donor density to make him thick at 22 and use up half of his donor supply. IF that were to happen, sometime between 22 and 35, he would see more balding and possibly chase the balding pattern. His surgeon, wanting to make the most money from him might recommend another larger sized procedure and he might run out of donor hair by the time he got to 35. Sometime between 35 and 62, he might see a freaky looking man in the mirror as a result of a hair transplant that was done with no

Clearly, I am inferring what I call a Master Plan, critical for all men (young or old) who are going to do a hair transplant. The young are more vulnerable because they want results NOW. So many young men tell me that hair is important for men in their 20s, and that men in their thirties really don’t care, but most of my patients are over 30 because I often put the brakes on the hair transplant process until I can (sometimes with the help of the HAIRCHECK test) predict the balding pattern of my patient and advise accordingly.

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