One problem with FUE

One problem with FUE

One problem with FUE is that it takes several hours, and sometimes multiple sessions, for a doctor to punch out the thousand or so tiny, two- to six-hair follicle units needed for a natural looking hair transplant. Another problem is that it’s very hard to tell exactly where the follicle lives. Guessing wrong results in slicing up a healthy follicle (what doctors call “transection”) and losing it forever.

For these reasons, and because some people simply aren’t good candidates for FUE, many hair-restoration doctors prefer the older strip technique. But the strip leaves a scar across the back of the head, which is noticeable if a person wears his or her hair short. And the strip technique means longer recovery time for the patient.

Now Restoration Robotics Inc. says it has a better way to perform FUE: the Artas System.

The Artas system has an image-guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies for guiding follicle-unit removal, small dermal punches, and a computer interface. It also corrects for slight patient motions.

The robot is expected to make FUE faster and easier on both the patient and the doctor. And because manual FUE is a very difficult technique to master, the robot is expected to make FUE easier to learn. Restoration Robotics says the cost of the device should be offset by the savings a doctor will realize from being able to do more FUE procedures with fewer assistants.

Men and Hair Loss: Should You Have a Transplant?

Bald may be beautiful, but what if you’re just not ready to go there yet? Maybe you’ve tried a medication like finasteride to slow the thinning you see on top. If that hasn’t worked, and you’re really losing sleep over losing your hair, you might consider a hair transplant.

Hair replacement surgery has come a long way since the days when men were left with large “plugs” of hair that screamed “transplant.” Today’s results look much more natural.

Hair transplantation is likely to cost $5,000 or more. Before you decide, find out what to expect and whether you’re a good candidate.

Are You a Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

You need to have enough healthy hair on the back and sides of your head to transplant to the thin or balding spots. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can tell you if you do.

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