Norwood Class 4 with a routine that the doctor set up for a starter guy!

I am balding for the last few years. I am NW 4 now. Went to the dermatologist today, and the Doc suggested transplant in bald areas + PRP injection with dermroller for receding hair line. I insisted I wanted to start with medication and see how I progress. So the doc prescribed the following, Finasteride 1 mg every night before sleep Biotin every morning Minoxidil gel apply few hrs before sleep in balding areas Ciclopirox 1% shampoo 3 times a week.  The prescription is for coming 3 months. Have to visit once a month to see the progress. Doc insisted that the medication must be taken religiously to see the results.  What do you think of this prescription?

This is a reasonable plan. This should go a full year to see if there is the full benefits. Then a decision can be make for a next step.

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