New! Tressmerize Concealtop and Divinetop Toppers

New! Tressmerize Concealtop and Divinetop Toppers

Don’t you just love learning about new pieces…and getting the opportunity to win one for yourself?

Many of you remember I showed you Tressmerize’s pieces a few years back. Today, I’m sharing two new Tressmerize human hair toppers just introduced this year…and you can win one of them (in your color choice!).

I adore Emina, the founder of Tressmerize, so I was intrigued when I heard that she changed up her product a bit.

Tressmerize was founded as a 2-part system: a small (about 4” by 4”) hair topper coupled with clip-in extensions. You can read more about this original system in this post .

Over time, Tressmerize’s offering has evolved as more and more women with hair loss (and fine, thin hair in general) are opting for full toppers.

While Tressmerize still offers clip-in extensions separately, the topper products have gotten larger (yay!) and longer (double yay!).

Side note: I am a total wash-and-wear girl. I might put some waves into my human hair, but that’s about where my creativity ends. If you love to style and can especially appreciate a gorgeous bohemian look, check out Tressmerize’s Instagram page. There are so many half-up and updo styles that you can create…if you aren’t all thumbs like I am.

The two new hair toppers are called Concealtop and Divinetop.

Check out Concealtop here!
Check out Divinetop here!
Save $20 with code LAUREN20 (affiliate links are used on this post, use whatever discount you can find if there’s one available and higher-value!)

Both toppers:

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