New and Trendy hair transplant

New and Trendy hair transplant

Proven vs. New and Trendy

Strip method: The strip method has a proven track record of success and provides natural looking permanent results.

NeoGraft® method: The NeoGraft® method is the new kid on the block and includes increased surgical time, lower precision, and a higher cost to the patient. 


Strip method: On average, the strip method cost $3 per graft.

NeoGraft® method: On average, cost is $4-6 per graft. This may not seem like a significant increase, but the average patient needs 1,500 grafts. The difference will add up quickly.

Graft Quality

Strip method: Since the hair strip is taken out in a surgical suite with a well-positioned and visible surgical field and magnification, the strip method creates quality grafts with best viability. This allows the surgeon to precisely remove the needed follicles intact, which avoids trauma and the likelihood of cutting across and destroying hair follicles.

NeoGraft® method: Graft quality is not as good compared to the strip method because the surgeon assumes that the direction of the punch knife and the hair shaft are the same and the knife will not cut the hair across and damage it. The hair’s roots may change direction slightly as they are buried in the skin so the chance of cutting across the roots while taking them out is increased.

Hair Selection

Strip method: The strip method makes it possible to choose the best donor hair. By taking out donor hair from the back of the head, which never grows completely bald in most men, the donor hair is resistant to the damaging effects of testosterone. The testosterone hormone is responsible for genetic hair loss. This healthy donor hair doesn’t care about its new location and stays in place since their genetic material makes them more resistant to hair loss.

NeoGraft® method: Donor hair is often taken from the broader section of the skull, and theoretically, even elsewhere on the body. Variety does not translate into quality since randomly chosen hair is not necessarily more resistant to hair loss.

Post-Surgery Hair Style

Strip method: While it takes a few days for the incision at the donor site to heal, the surrounding hair is not affected by the strip method. No haircut or change in styling is needed.

NeoGraft® method: In large hair transplant sessions, the entire donor area must be shaved to access the follicles. You may need to sport a new hairstyle for a while.

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