My liver enzymes are elevated and I am taking finasteride, are these two connected?

I’ve been using topical finasteride (Morr-F) for a period of about 8 months. 2 months ago, I had a blood test for a physical examination. Everything was fine, except that I showed elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) and just barely met the criteria for prediabetic fasting blood sugar. I repeated the test last week and my ALT/AST were even worse.

I’m a healthy male who doesn’t drink often at all (sometimes no drinks in a month, never more than 5 in a month). I exercise regularly, have no history of diabetes in my family, and eat an ovo-vegetarian diet with adequate protein for resistance training. I’ve recently found studies indicating that 5-AR inhibitors have been shown to interfere with liver function, elevating liver enzymes and interfering with glucose metabolism.

Don’t be your own doctor and get professional advice as finasteride will not cause liver enzyme elevation.

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