My hair transplant left a scar

My hair transplant left a scar

My hair transplant left a scar                                              

As mentioned higher than, less advanced hair transplant treatments like FUT will cause scarring. throughout associate degree FUT transplant, a strip of hair is far from the rear of the scalp so ready and take away smaller follicles able to transplant.

Due to the transplanted hair being removed in a very massive strip, instead of individual follicles being removed with FUE you may notice a scar wherever the strip has been removed. though the freshly transplanted hair can have lowest scarring you may be left with an apparent scar on the rear of the scalp, which can create your hair transplant look quite noticeable.

Scarring from hair transplants are some things we’re able to fix at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. With the employment of our FUE procedure, we’re able to transplant hair and work to disguise the scar.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation could be a medical hairline tattoo that works to copy the looks of hair follicles or stands. The treatment works sort of a tattoo by applying pigments to the cuticular level of the scalp or brow space to provide the looks of hair.

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP)         

is a complicated pigmentation delivery system offered solely at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. in contrast to alternative pigmentation treatments, nucleotide was designed from the bottom up to mimic the looks of natural and realistic trying hair.

Our nucleotide treatment works in a very similar thanks to alternative pigmentation treatments accessible, like SMP. However, nucleotide is associate degree innovative pigmentation treatment that produces natural trying results. At The Harley Street Hair Clinic, our specialist team and advanced procedure work along to imitate the looks of hair.

If you’d like additional data on any of our treatments please be happy to contact US for a no obligation consultation wherever one in all our consultants are able to speak you thru what treatment is true for you.

We wish to offer our patients the maximum amount data on our hair transplant procedures as doable. Our web site incorporates a type of commonly asked queries and through your consultation, we have a tendency to aim to answer each question you would possibly have.

Sometimes it are often tough to seek out the right answer to your question, nowadays we’ve place along a range of standard queries that you simply may need concerning your hair transplant procedure.

Will my new hair fall out?            

Once you’ve had your hair transplant it’s traditional for your hair to shed. you would possibly notice some hair loss from the transplanted areas many weeks when your treatment.

This is a standard a part of the hair transplant method and is nothing to stress concerning. when your hair has had associate degree initial shedding it’ll grow back robust and healthy and stay in situ.

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