Ms Jackson, from Hull

Ms Jackson, from Hull

Ms Jackson, from Hull, said: “I have all sort of emotions. It was such a major breakthrough [to have the surgery]. I can’t wait to get my life back again and be independent.

“It is just the normal things I am looking forward to most, being able to brush my daughters’ hair and hold their hands. I am so excited for the future.”

Ms Jackson has been battling a long-term condition she has suffered from since her 20s – ulcerative colitis – which worsened in early 2015.

Ulcerative colitis causes the  colon to become inflamed and, in March 2015, on the back of complications of the condition Tania contracted sepsis after her blood became infected.

Talking about when she started noticing something was not right, she said: “I felt really ill and was being sick when I was helping a friend out at her workplace.

“I became more uncomfortable and my stomach bloated to the point I felt six months pregnant. A few days later I could barely move and rang 111 where they told me to come in.”

After being rushed to hospital by her husband Andrew, 40, he was given the news that his wife’s chances of survival were very low.

He said: “Her limbs had started to turn black. They told me she had sepsis and I didn’t know whether she was going to live or die.”

Ms Jackson lost three quarters of her left arm, her left hand, her right hand apart from a small section of thumb and her toes as the deadly disease took over her body.

The former beauty therapist said: “They wanted to hang on and save as much as they could. There were parts of my fingers that were alright but the whole of my right hand was black and shrivelled. It was making me ill so they had to operate.”

The mother was in intensive care for three months following the amputation, and it was here she saw a show on Corinne Hutton – the first woman to be placed on the hand-transplant register.

The only unit in the UK offering the procedure was the nearby Leeds General Infirmary. Ms Jackson was transferred to the unit and put onto the waiting list in early 2016.

As she waited for a successful donor to become available, she wore prosthesis, but last month she received a call to say the limbs were available.

A day later, Tania endured a 15-hour operation to give her a new left arm and hand and right hand.

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