Mr Pilkiewicz

Mr Pilkiewicz

Mr Pilkiewicz said he was very open about the transplant and even posted ‘anniversary’ updates about its success – but understood that for many men this is not the case.

“I am a young gay man in Belfast who told everyone about this through Facebook – it really changed my life.”

With other celebrities such as pop star Robbie Williams and X-factor judge Louis Walsh speaking publicly about the impact of their transplants, a Co Down barber has also spoken of his decision to undergo the treatment.

He said he also travelled to Turkey to go under the scalpel four years ago.

“I was really embarrassed initially and wasn’t going to tell anyone – but it was something I was always conscious about and it suddenly became affordable,” said Lenny White (37) from Millisle.

Mr White, who travels around the north offering ‘dementia-friendly’ haircuts, said he now talks about it openly.

“I would recommend it to anyone, men should no longer afraid or embarrassed about this.”

Hair Transplant Turkey Ensures Top-class Relieve and Permanent Results

Hair is an essential element of beauty that represents youthfulness and liveliness. Life of persons battling with hair loss becomes very stressful. But now due to advancements in health technologies, modern plastic-aesthetic surgery provides an opportunity for both men and women to get their hair back through different hair transplant procedures. 

Turkey has emerged as Mecca of hair transplantation in the world

Every year thousands of men from different part of world travel to Istanbul for do a hair transplant Turkey. Over recent years due to different reasons Turkey has become idle country for tourists facing hair loss problems. According to Emin Cakmak, head of the development council of health tourism of Turkey, 60,000 tourists visited country last year for hair transplant.

The reliable hair transplants in Turkey are attracting masses

The procedure of hair transplant is time taking and expansive. It is carried out by a Doctor specialized. It is amongst best methods to counteract baldness. Thousands of small incisions are made in front of scalp. Hair follicles are collected from back of the head. These follicles are than introduced in to incisions. After few days new hairs will start growing.

Hair transplant clinics of Turkey offer more than just an operation. Patients are granted with complete deal. They are received from airport and transported to their hotels. The driver and hotel rooms are arranged by clinics in advance. Additionally, transport is also provided to patients on the day of surgery. The reason people are crazy about undergoing hair transplantation specifically in Turkey rather than in any other country of world is expense of this procedure.

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