More BS with a focus on self promotion (see link)

This is a self promoting link. PRP has never been proved to be effective or lasting if there is any effect at all. There have been no double blind studies done on PRP with objective measurement devices such as the HAIRCHECK instrument and one has to ask why not.  If it worked, there would be many such studies. The folks that wrote this link added nothing to the educational process for readers interested in hair loss.
The premise that hair transplants are not good and don’t last, are baseless. I have been doing hair transplants since 1991 and have seen many of my patients from the early 1990s, keep the hair that they got from the hair transplants.  Are article does not pose new science, in fact any science, just claims that are without foundation.  Yes, a few hair transplants don’t last the lifetime of the patient (less than2% of patients) but the large majority of patients who had either strip or FUE surgery show great results.  One of my first patients who had FUE (see here: still comes to our Monthly Open House events to discuss his hair transplant. This is his look today and that alone answers any challenges to the idea that hair restoration is not a good solution to hair loss.

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