Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation

Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation

Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation

MicromotorFue is a graft collection method that is widely used today in hair transplantation operations. FUE technique can be applied in two ways: ‘Manual punch’ and ‘Micromotor‘.

What is Micromotor?

Micromotor is a medical device that provides a convenient collection of roots by opening small holes around the hair follicle with its rotary ends at different diameters of 0.06 mm to 0.09 mm in order to achieve rapid graft collection in hair transplantation operations. Seeding by micromotor device is called Micro Fue Hair Transplantation.

The micromotor is an electric medical device. The changeable size at the end of the punch can be adjusted to rotate at different speeds. Different punch sizes can be changed according to the hair structure of the person, so that smaller-sized roots with thin hair strands are prevented from damaging, by using smaller tips on surrounding hair follicles.

What are the Features of MicromotorFue?

Micromotor FUE is a graft collection technique. The micromotor ensures faster grafting.

Micromotor is a term used frequently in dentistry as well as in hair transplantation.

Today, 95% of hair transplantation operations are performed by using MicroFue.

The alternative method of the micromotor device is manual-punch, but the current use of the manual punch is minimal.

Manual punch and micromotor are different methods of graft harvesting in hair transplantation by FUE method.

The micromotor device is used with sharp tips. Designed to cut the hair follicles around this device, different sizes (0.06mm-0.07mm-0.08mm-0.09mm) punch tips are selected by the doctor according to the patient’s hair thickness.


Micro Fue Hair Transplantation is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation methods. Thanks to the micromotor, the bristle roots, which can be collected one by one quickly, allow for hair transplantation without leaving a permanent scar in the donor area. Thanks to the Microfue, the operation time is shortened, the operation becomes easier and the amount of bleeding decreases. Environmental hair follicles and donor area is not damaged.

Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation
Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation


What are the Differences Between Micro Fue and Manuel Fue?

The difference between the manual operation and Micromotor which basically has the same logic, is that the processing time is completed in a shorter time. The Fue, with its micromotor that opens fast and smooth incisions around the hair follicle, allows easy treating without damaging the hair follicles.

The Manual punch, which is less used today, can be preferred in the sensitive areas such as the face and neck which are used as the donor area and the fewer grafts are collected.

Manual punch tips are rotated with the help of the hand, opening an incision around the hair root. The punch tips on the micromotor rotate on their own.


The importance of graft in hair transplantation, factors affecting success can not be undeniable. In hair transplantation with manual needle, 1500 – 2000 grafts are taken in 1-2 hours, this number can be easily over 3000 by MicroFUE. In FUE operations, the hair is planted in the direction of elongation.


Thanks to the MicroFue, the hair follicles are picked up very quickly during transplantation and the doctor can collect much more hair roots in less time. The device does not damage the scalp of the patient during the operation, helping to complete the operation in a shorter time.


Using the Micromotor Device

Micro-punch punch needles are inserted between the diameters of 06 – 08 mm and the hair roots are loosened. In the FUE method with micromotor, the treatment is done by collecting the grafts individually, with the help of needle-like sharp-tipped pipes called  Micro-punch. The device penetrates the skin by turning during the process and relaxes the donor area so that the hair follicles can be removed more easily and quickly. Afterwards, the grafts begin to collect by the help of a device called Micropen-set, which is like a curved tweezer.


In the MicroFue, the removal of the hair follicles by loosening takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

MicromotorFue is a ‘graft collection technique’. MicromotorFue can be used with different graft techniques such as DHI. A hair transplant doctor may use micromotor when collecting grafts and may perform DHI transplant, using DHI pencils when the transplantation stage continues.

How Micro Fue Hair Transplantation is done?

MicroFue hair transplantation method is also referred to as FUE hair transplantation and the same methods are named in different ways. Nowadays, almost all Fue hair transplantations are carried out by micromotor. The use of the manual punch, which is another graft collection method used with Fue, is decreasing with each passing day.

Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation
Micromotor Fue Hair Transplantation
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