Medication before hair transplant

Medication before hair transplant

Medication before hair transplant: Doctors

Bambolim: Attractive advertisements offering hair transplant with an assurance of a thick crop can make any balding man believe that hair transplant is his only option. Plastic surgeons and specialists in hair transplant who were at the Goa Medical College (GMC) and hospital, Bambolim, to conduct a two-day cadaveric workshop on hair transplantation, say not every man losing hair and on the verge of going bald needs hair transplant.

In fact, 30-40% hair growth can be achieved through medication and without surgery. The workshop that concluded on Saturday was conducted by GMC in collaboration with the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons in India.

Dr Sandeep Sattur, hair restoration surgeon and former president of AHRS, said every person suffering from hair fall, and facing immediate danger of going bald is not a candidate for hair transplant.

Dr Kapil Dua, president of AHRS, and organizing chairman, said medication should be the first step even for a patient waiting for a hair transplant. Sometimes the patient is satisfied with medical treatment of four or five months and may not even opt for surgery.

It is observed that this aspect is never highlighted in advertisements offering hair transplant.

Dua and Sattur insist that prior to a hair transplant, the patient should be informed about the whole nature of the treatment, and most importantly, how long it will take for him to get adequate cover of hair.

Suppose a candidate is scheduled to get married in two months, and approaches a doctor with a request for a hair transplant, Sattur said, “The hair restoration surgeon has to tell him clearly, after how many months he will have adequate hair growth in the bald area, and desired results will not be achieved in just a matter of two months.”

After the first month of surgery, about 10% hair growth is evident every three-four months, but best results are seen after nine-ten months, clarified Dua.

Dr Sanjeev Vasa, head of Vasa Hair Academy, Ahmedabad, discarding the myth associated with hair transplant said that the number of hair before and after surgery remains unchanged. Seconded by fellow surgeons, Dr Narendra Patwardhan and Dr Rajesh Rajput, He warns, a person opting for a hair transplant, needs to check the facility where he will undergo the procedure, and that the person elected by him to do the same is a qualified surgeon.

“The transplant has to be carried out strictly in a hospital,” said Dr Rajesh Rajput. Dr Narendra Patwardhan said to avoid getting the procedure done through an ill-trained person. Vasa admited there are rotten apples in their field, and he has made it his endeavour to train students across the country.

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