Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg


Mark Clattenburg has a hair transplant after former Premier League referee becoming ‘frustrated’ at losing his hair at such a young age

Clattenburg, now in Saudi Arabia, reveals his confidence is back after help from the Medical Hair Restoration Clinic


FORMER Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has undergone a hair transplant procedure after becoming “frustrated” at losing his hair so young.

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And the match official revealed his confidence is now at an all-time high after his hair was given a new lease of life.

told specialists at MHR Clinic: “I was refereeing in the Premier League and I was embarrassed watching myself back on TV as my hair was receding.

“I’d been trying to brush it over to hide some of the bald patches. I was frustrated that I was so young and losing my hair.

“It wasn’t unexpected because severe hair loss is normal in my family. I was expecting it to happen but I wanted to have a head of hair.”


Mark Clattenburg reveals he was ’embarrassed’ by his thinning hair


Mark Clattenburg said he expect to go bald, but not as young as he did

Clattenburg revealed the treatment from MHR Clinic has been life-changing, in massively boosting his confidence.

The ref – now officiating in Saudi Arabia – added: “The confidence I have now, walking around with a full head of hair from what it was like, is phenomenal.

“I probably take longer to get ready, which frustrates my wife.

“But now I can style it and gel it and do things with it that I’ve never been able to do in the past.”

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Mark Clattenburg underwent treatment at the MHR Clinic after his hair thinned

Referee Mark Clattenburg was growing ‘frustrated’ by going bald so young

Meanwhile, MHR Clinic’s leading hair surgeon Ioannis Marmangiolis recalled: “Mark had severe hair loss and required an extensive two-day procedure.

“The extraction was taken from one side of the donor area for the crown area the first day and the second part of the procedure from the other side of the donor area for Zone A and his frontal hair line.

“He was very calm and relaxed during surgery and pleasantly surprised at how painless and easy the

whole procedure was. As you can see an excellent result.”

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