Managing director of Al Hakkim Medical Tourism

Managing director of Al Hakkim Medical Tourism

Hakkim, managing director of Al Hakkim Medical Tourism, said, “In each case, we get prior advice of the experts about the proposed treatment and a fair cost estimate. We operate from Azaiba in Muscat. We obtain photographs of the head which we refer to the experts in Iran. Once accepted, we organise prior appointments with the hospital, airport pick up and accommodation for the patient’s accompanying families. Our focus is to maximise patient comfort at a minimal cost and we offer it without any extra costs.”

The company also offers physiotherapy and nursing services for patients at the comforts of their own homes.

All information about the company’s services can be obtained by visiting the website

‘My forehead is… reduced!’ Maria Fowler says she’s ‘impressed’ with the results of her hair transplant results as she flaunts her fuller mane

She had undergone a His ‘n Hers hair transplant with her husband-to-be back in September.

And flaunting the results of the procedure four months later, Maria Fowler has been caught gushing over her new and improved hairline.

The former  star, 31, has been left ‘so impressed’ by her fuller mane and couldn’t resist pointing out how her forehead is now ‘smaller’ as a result of the treatment.

Taking to social media, Maria filmed herself while holding onto her daughter Evie, one, and made sure to showcase how much thicker the front of her bonce has now got.

Update On Restoration Robotics: HAIR Will Need More Time To Grow

Medical technology that has the potential to change the hair transplant industry – still true.

Multi-billion-dollar market with no competition – still true.

Razor/razor blade model that creates a sustained revenue growth engine – still true.

System sales are the key to the revenue engine – they still need to figure that part out.

Restoration Robotics (“HAIR” or the “Company”) has commercialized a robotic therapy that reduces the workload of hair transplant physicians who perform follicular unit extraction (“FUE”). The ARTAS System was cleared for marketing by the US FDA in 2011 and has been slowly building a potential juggernaut in the unique field of hair restoration therapy. The current ARTAS System assists in the extraction of the follicle and the preparation of the implant sites. The Company recently announced the 510(k) clearance for the robotic modality to automate the implantation of the hair follicles as well. That additional functionality, in my opinion, is the key to selling a robot system to anyone with an MD and an entrepreneurial drive. Given the economics of hair transplantation ($7-9 gross margin per follicle + cash pay) and the theoretically mostly-automated process that is enabled by the ARTAS, it would be hard to believe that many MDs frustrated with insurance companies, or MDs with a large aesthetics business, would not invest in a system and offer hair transplant services.

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