What to Know Before Hair Transplantation?


First of all, this is a team job, so an experienced team is very important. Hair transplant speacialist are highly specialized in this field and should have been doing this job for many years.

Hair transplant techniques of each team may be different. This is because there is no standard in our country and in the world. Therefore, the results of each center can be very different.

The team’s experience is revealed here.

What kind of result is obtained with which technique? He knows it very well.

Proper planning is among the most important factors for.

The result will not be satisfactory, if the roots are  transplanted in a  not well-planned hair transplant.

For this purpose, the donor area, the area of the where the roots will be taken and the openness of the hairless region should be considered together and the correct planning should be done accordingly.


Front Hairline

At first glance, “whether a hair transplantation is natural or not” is understood from the front hairline.

For this reason, the face, and the head structure, suitable for the person’s age by taking into account the front hairline will affect the naturalness of that hair transplant.

So, the front hairline should never be passed while the hair is being transplanted.


Homogeneous Purchase

Good use of donor area, homogeneous (evenly distributed) intake, using the correct punch and a sufficient number of root removal, hair transplant in the periods after the unwanted images in the donor area to prevent unwanted and even in the future may occur in the 2nd or even 3rd session hair transplantation provides sufficient donor area.


Channel Angle and Direction

Transplantation of the grafts with the right angles is one of the factors that will affect the naturalness of the result of that hair transplant.

For this reason, channel angles should be channeled according to the natural hair structure of the person.

Otherwise, the so-called Grass Man, and at the first glance, hair follicles attract a lot of attention because a natural invisible hair transplantation is obtained.


Washing And Next Maintenance

In order to get a good hair transplant, you have some duties to do.

So, be sure to follow the Washing Instructions and the Next Maintenance Process, also described in writing.

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