It’s a hair-raising experience

It’s a hair-raising experience

It’s a hair-raising experience

Surgical hair transplant techniques, now available in the city, guarantee 80% success with a centimetre of hair growth every other month, post-treatment. It is attractive enough for the common man to visit the trichologists for the procedure.

Hair loss is a growing problem, said transplant expert Narendra Patwardhan. “One out of every three persons complains of hair loss. We deal with at least two consultations pertaining to hair transplant every day. People take pride in their hair and want to sport a healthy mane. Awareness about hair transplant techniques have increased and those in need get appropriate treatment from an expert,” he said.

Patwardhan, along with his team of experts, performs around seven hair transplants every month, as compared to four such procedures per month, last year. “Common causes of hair loss include stress, improper lifestyle and eating habits, cosmetic chemical treatments, use of steroids and antibiotics, iron and protein deficiency, and thyroid problems. We put the patient on medication before performing the actual hair transplant. Patients are screened and only those above 25 years of age are accepted for the treatment,” Patwardhan added.

Hair transplant surgeries cost between Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh and sometimes more, depending on the area of the scalp to be treated. “We have several NRIs coming to Pune to get hair transplants as the surgery is cost-effective here,” said Patwardhan.

Dermatologist Pradyumna Vaidya said awareness among people about hair transplant was rising. “Some five-six years ago, people thought such treatments were beyond their reach and budget. There has been significant development in hair transplant treatments in our country,” said Vaidya. He gets around 25 enquiries a month. “Those who call include people suffering from premature balding. Many are from the IT sector, middle-aged businessmen, and middle-aged women who suffer from hair loss,” said Vaidya.

City-based professional Aneel K decided on hair transplants after experiencing hair fall at an early age. “It started in my late 20s and by my early 30s, I was almost bald. Such hair fall is hereditary in my family, but it disappointed me to see hair loss at such a young age. I consulted an expert 18 months ago and sought guidance,” said Aneel. He also found out all he could about the techniques.

“Along with the internet, we have experts here who can make the surgery and follow-ups easier,” said Aneel, who has witnessed significant hair growth. “There is low maintenance once you are off medication post-surgery and the regrowth of hair certainly boosts one’s confidence,” he said.

However, one must be on guard against misleading advertisements about hair transplants, the experts cautioned. It is safer when the surgery is performed by trained medical experts, they said.

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