It changes your life

It changes your life

. It changes your life

If you’re reading this and you’re either bald, or on the way, you’ll know how horrific it is to lose your hair. Sure, some people suit a shaved head. But for those, like me, who look like Hellraiser’s awkward son without anything on top, losing your hair can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through.

“With hair, when you go from a have-none to a have-some, you want to show it off”

Dan Jude               

Does that make you vain? Probably. But the truth is that having flowing locks again, after years without them, gives you back confidence and self-esteem that you thought would never return.

4. You notice who else has had one

If you own a red Aston Martin, you’re likely to notice when someone drives a red Aston Martin in front of you. Likewise, if you’ve had a hair transplant, you cultivate a sixth sense at spotting other hair transplants.

Pass the hair spray: Rooney has spoken openly about his transplant CREDIT: REUTERS

Wayne Rooney? Check. Steve Claridge? Check. Lewis Hamilton? You certainly wouldn’t bet against it. That bartender serving your drink? Check.

It’s like being in a secret club that only you know you’re in. And with the price of transplants tumbling year-on-year, that club’s only going to get bigger…

5. Having hair doesn’t mean you can pull off any hairstyle

Imagine you’ve been obese for years, and then overnight you shed loads of weight and get a six-pack. You’re going to want to parade your hot new body, right?

Think you can pull off the Jon Snow look? You know nothing… CREDIT: GAME OF THRONES

Well, similarly with hair, when you go from a have-none to a have-some, you want to show it off. But be warned: this is exceedingly dangerous. Having hair, you see, doesn’t make you a supermodel. So donning a ‘full John Snow’ may work for Kit Harrington, but it won’t work for you.

Hair transplant FAQ: ten common questions about hair loss procedures – answered

Undergoing a hair transplant is a momentous, even life-changing, step – but it can also be a disappointment. I’ve had ten such receding hairline treatments, and heave learned the hard way that the most important thing you can do before going under the knife is get informed.

Here, then, are my answer to all the questions that commonly crop up among balding men …

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