Is Success is More Important Than Hair? (from Reddit)

I believe that a good woman will care more about what is in your head than what is on top of your head. I totally agree with this post but the problem many men have, is that because of their hair loss, they lose confidence in themselves. I remember a young actor on one of the morning daily soap TV shows, a long running show in which he played the young man that the married women wanted to seduce. He came to me at the age of 20 telling me because he was losing his juvenile hairline and was developing a maturing hairline, that he was going to be terminated the next season. So he asked me to reinforce his juvenile hairline so he could keep his job as a ‘sex icon’. After the hair grew in, they renewed his contact which was for over $1 million/year. Another actor, came to me for hair loss in the frontal area and I put hair there. In just one surgery he radically changed his look. He landed the big leading man roles. He told me that it was not just his hair, but his self-confidence that changed and the combination of the two is what made his career. Everyone knows him today and he is a well known leading man in some great films. Self-confidence is hard to come by when you are losing your hair and you are early in a career without accomplishments, so the boost of some hair make the world of difference for some men.

Success is More Important Than Hair. from tressless

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