Is Platlete Rich Plasma (PRP) valuable and what scientific proof is available?

The International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons meeting this year was in Bangkok, Thailand. I was on the teaching faculty and almost 1000 people attended making it one of the more successful meetings in the history of this teaching hair restoration society.  The subject of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and its value was discussed by Guest speaker Ramon Grinalt). He reported his review of the entire literature on PRP subject material and said he could not find a single study that proved that PRP grew new hair or resuscitated dying hair.

He discussed some of the more well known studies.  When PRP was compared with microneedling using saline injections, any benefits that were seen with the PRP injections were comparable to the saline controls, when benefits showed up.  Various doctors in attendance did not necessarily agree with this conclusion based upon their personal experience; however, many of these doctors could not prove (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that PRP worked.

In conclusion, I believe that microneedling with saline injections will work as well as PRP, for far less money.

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